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How to make good barbequed ribs

For me cooking ribs has always been a challenge. I thought I had almost figured it out with our charcoal grill, but then we went and bought a gas grill. It is like learning how to cook all over again.

My first experience cooking on the gas grill was not a good one, but looking back on that day I realize it was my own fault. I have a 6 year old and an 11 month old. My six year old boy asked if he could go over to the neighbor’s house while I was cooking dinner. I said of course you can, this would give me to opportunity to figure out how to use this new grill. Well before you know it the 2 neighbor kids ages 7 and 3 are over at my house. Their dad thought it would be better if they came over to our house to play since he was about to start mowing the lawn. So now I have four kids in the yard! Instead of taking my time to slow cook these tasty baby back ribs. I turn the grill to high so I could just finish them. The two older kids were just fine playing in the yard, but the 3 year old was taking my rock garden apart, then I would turn around and he would have disappeared into the garage. Not to mention an 11 month old who is walking now and doesn’t want to be held while we are outside!

I am going to try it again, but on low next time. My ribs always turned out good on the charcoal and this is how I made them: boil a pot of water with salt and pepper and about 2 Tb. of vinegar. Add the ribs and simmer for about 30 minutes. Pour about half the barbeque sauce on them and take them to the grill cook on low for about 45 minutes turning and basting to get a good thick coat of barbeque sauce on them.

Submitted on 06/25/2007 at 2:37 PM
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